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Internship in PE/VC funds

"...I had been dreaming of becoming a part of a venture capital firm for quite some time before I joined the team. Nevertheless, the internship allowed me to be 100% certain about my choice."

"...The most significant value for me, undoubtedly, was meeting all the people on the team as well as within the entire ecosystem. I had the opportunity to travel through all the Baltic countries."


These are just a few thoughts about last year's internship program. If you'd like to experience the same journey, don't wait and join our internship program. You can achieve exciting milestones in the near future with one of the leading private equity or venture capital funds in the Baltics.


Our member funds are looking forward to meeting you! But first things first.

STEP 1 - read the short intro of every fund and a summary of tasks you will encounter during your internship.

STEP 2 - is your application form, it takes like 2 min to fill it up, and we can't wait to read it!

STEP 3 - enjoy the process; otherwise, there is no point in doing it, right? If any questions, you will reach us at the touch of a button below.

Meet The Possibilities

  • Lithuania Venture Capital and Private Equity Association is at the forefront of shaping one of the fastest-growing ecosystems. We are seeking venture capital and private equity enthusiasts who enjoy working in a vibrant ecosystem and are unafraid of challenges. We will be by your side and guide you to the next steps.

  • The main focus will be on:

Communication: Assist in creating social media and PR strategies, generating content, and managing deadlines. Simultaneously, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the industry by focusing on news feeds.

Internal Community Events: Collaborate with partners to create impactful events for our members.

In-Depth Research: Dive deep into industry research to discover the most fascinating insights.

Assist with the Implementation of Other Products: Contribute to the implementation of various projects, including those related to education, ESG, and more. We welcome new ideas with open arms!

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  • At LitCapital, interns will assist in the production of equity research for the sector under coverage as well as will work with the team to perform financial and valuation analysis by generating financial models and forecasts on specific companies.

  • The tasks provided offer excellent, in-depth exposure to the Private Equity industry and provide a strong career path in buy or sell side equity research, asset management, and business development/ corporate strategy.

  • We are looking for students with a passion for investment, finance, and an interest in the financial markets.


  • Practica Capital is an early-stage VC dedicated to backing Baltic founders. We have invested exclusively in tech potential in the Baltic States for the last ten years. ​

  • We are not looking for a person with specific qualifications but rather someone who is eager to learn and brings new perspectives to the table. If you want to make an impact by investing in companies that can change the world, love meeting new people, and exploring new ideas, you are following the latest tech trends, also enjoy working with spreadsheets, presentations, and diving deep into a specific area from zero - then entering VC world and joining Practica Capital might be the right place for you.

  • The intern will be working alongside our investment team on:

    • Scouting promising startups, connecting/meeting with ambitious entrepreneurs

    • Assessment of investment opportunities, including specific analyses (team, customer metrics, market, competition, financials)

    • Development of investment proposals, fund reporting and other documentation

    • Assisting portfolio companies with requests and reporting requirements


  • We are proud to be the leading investment management and life insurance group in the Baltic States. In the business for more than 30 years now, the INVL group has solid experience in managing private equity assets and building market players that are leaders in their respective fields in the Baltic countries and Central and Eastern Europe.

  • We take care of more than EUR 2 billion of the assets of more than 300 thousand clients.

  • By joining  INVL interns will have unique opportunity to broaden professional knowledge, as well as gain invaluable experience in investment field.

  • One of our company's goals is to invest our clients assets wisely, what leads INVL to an absolute trust. Such competences as reliance, responsibility, and openness are invaluable not only in our daily work with clients, but also in expanding our team.


  • Iron Wolf VC invests in early-stage technology and data driven companies originating from across the Baltics. Our growing team has been building global companies such as Yplan and social networks such as LCLC, Big Brother and other for decades. We are peers amongst leading entrepreneurs, investors and operators alike.

  • There is no ideal background for an internship role at our firm and we encourage all smart, curious and globally minded young people to apply and join us in discovering technologies and teams that will positively impact economies and societies as well as represent attractive venture investment opportunities.


  • When it comes to career exploration, we believe that internships are essential. An internship at Contrarian Ventures allows students to gain hands-on experience in the venture capital field, grow their network, and surround themselves with people passionate about fixing climate problems through technology.

  • To us, interns bring a young, fresh perspective and unique ideas - we value motivation, curiosity, and ambition. In return, we help our students transform those unique ideas into something awe-inspiring and provide them with our most valuable advantage – our network. 


  • We feel it's important to develop Baltic ecosystem through educating new financial talent and introducing up and coming professionals to how PE funds invest, raise money, and work developing portfolio companies.

  • For the period of 2-3 months interns become a part of Livonia team participating in Livonia operations side by side with 'permanent' part of the team, have a chance to analyze multiple investment cases and see from the inside how the fund functions.


  • For us at FIRSTPICK internship is first and foremost about providing opportunities for students to get the taste of venture capital markets and all operations associated with it - to understand that it is not just about excels and models, but also running operations, managing community and partnerships, scouting and interviewing startups, and many more. Thus, we will fit a role within our fund for anyone who is eager to learn, has loads of energy, and passion for tech world. 

  • Besides financial compensation, we offer our interns opportunity to travel to tech conferences and take the driving seat when searching for the next great startup.


  • Business angels fund is happy to attract to our team students with critical and analytical thinking, who during internship would accrue practice of management of the startup from the seat of investor, if you will be patient and lucky – to explore fun of capital raising and exit of grown-up startups too. You would earn with us an incredible experience how to build your own startup and understanding the investors logic.

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