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LT VCA Internship Program: Nurturing Future Leaders in the World of VC and PE

The Lithuania Venture Capital Association's internship program has been a breeding ground for budding talents in the finance and venture capital sector. Last time, over 40 applications received for just 10 coveted positions in various VC and PE Funds, it's clear that the program is making waves. Here are a few success stories that shed light on the program's impact.

Kipras Vaičekauskas - From Dreamer to Analyst

Kipras Vaičekauskas had always dreamt of being a part of a venture capital firm. His aspirations were realized when he joined the Practica Capital team. In his own words, "I was dreaming about being a part of a venture capital firm for quite a while before I joined Practica Team. Nevertheless, the internship allowed me to be 100% sure about my choice."

During his internship, Kipras achieved three significant goals he had set for himself: working in a finance-related field, experiencing the dynamics of venture capital, and gaining cross-industry insights. Moreover, he found himself a part of one of the most competent VC teams not only in Lithuania but possibly in the entire Baltic region. His journey exemplifies how the program can transform dreams into reality.

Kipras Vaičekauskas

Matas Baliukonis and Emilija Čapkauskaitė from Vilnius Jesuit High School - Shaping Finance Futures

Both Matas and Emilija underline how the program offers clarity and value to aspiring financial professionals.

Matas Baliukonis, driven by a passion for finance, embarked on the internship program with a clear objective. He shares, "Coming into the internship, I had a firm mind that I wanted to work in finance, and this summer experience not only solidified that choice but also refined my focus, helping to develop a clear path for the future."

Matas Baliukonis

Emilija, on the other hand, discovered unique opportunities for growth and personal development during her internship at INVL. She says, "Filled with opportunities for growth and bringing a unique viewpoint for my personal development, my internship at INVL was one of the most valuable and enriching experiences I’ve had until now."

Emilija Čapkauskaitė

Mathias Väinsar - The Bird's-Eye View of Venture Capital

Mathias Väinsar's internship at FIRSTPICK provided him with a broad overview of venture capital mechanisms. He remarks, "During my time at FIRSTPICK, I tried to see as much as possible to get the broadest possible overview of venture capital mechanisms. Of course, understanding it requires years of experience, but I am confident that I have a good bird's-eye view."

Through this experience, Mathias gained further conviction that innovation and simplicity often hold the keys to solving complex problems. He now seeks to position himself at the intersection of investing, novel technology, and entrepreneurship, thanks to the insights gained during his internship.

These success stories underscore the transformative impact of the Lithuania Venture Capital and Private Equity Association's internship program. By nurturing young talents and exposing them to the dynamic world of finance and venture capital, the program continues to shape the future of the industry. As the program looks forward to its next batch of interns, it remains a beacon for those who aspire to make their mark in this ever-evolving field.

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