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Investment Funds in Lithuania:
10 minute overview

Together with the association members—Cobalt, I Asset Management, and Ernst and Young—we have prepared a document on the history of Investment Funds in Lithuania, regulatory regimes for Investment Funds, Common Structures, and Taxation regulations. Click below to read the full document.

Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 12.14.53.png

Lithuania's private equity and venture capital ecosystem has grown significantly over the last two

decades, driven by a number of strategic policy and regulatory initiatives. Today, the growth of the

ecosystem is a testament to regulatory innovation and collaborative efforts. Through a series of

timely and carefully crafted legislative and regulatory initiatives, Lithuania has established itself as a

hub for investment activity, attracting both local and international players. As the ecosystem

continues to mature, and thanks to the solid foundations laid over the past two decades, the future

of private equity and venture capital in Lithuania today looks quite bright.

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